Monday, May 14, 2012


I am running, as my initial $100 fundraiser went even more quickly than I'd expected. I am happy to discuss details of my election strategy with donors at this time, a public announcement and solicitation for an endorsement will be forthcoming at the Libertarian Party of Delaware State Convention this weekend. Please come and support the Libertarian Party and my candidacy. Please give me more of your hard earned money.

This is a fundraiser that is being conducted in tandem with the Kent County Libertarian Party to secure a marketing list for Kent County's voters. The list has been already been purchased, but with your support, additional resources can be reserved for later in the campaign. This list will be used to support my candidacy, assuming I'm nominated. It will also be used to support the other candidates and causes supported by the Kent County LP.


There's also a fundraiser going on for a Crystal Argon Laser, but that's ridiculous.


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