Monday, September 20, 2010

So About That Update...

Based on President Obama's eagerness to insert himself in the debate over the Cordoba Initiative mosque near Ground Zero, I had planned to write a piece detailing my thoughts on this issue. I reconsidered based on the fact that Obama has no business involving himself in this debate, and neither do I. This is an issue for New York and New York City to handle. I do think that we need to hurry up and rebuild something on Ground Zero itself that will dwarf anything Imam Rauf could build.

That's all I really want to say on that subject. I hope New York and New York City is able to resolve this in a manner amenable to their sensitivities, even if they conflict with those of their respective governments'.

I AM posting an update now though on a few different topics.

Obviously, the primaries in Delaware are over. Due to circumstances which have been detailed in previous posts, I was not a candidate in either primary despite the right of Delaware party members to nominate a candidate of their choosing. Luckily, I am still the nominated Libertarian Party candidate and I have been privileged to receive the nomination of the Independent Party of Delaware as well. Whatever Judge Vaughn may think, it is clear that a candidate can have at least two long as the Democratic/Republican monopoly parties aren't one of them...

The point is that I'm still on the ballot, I'm still in the race, I'm still campaigning, and with your help I can still win.

For what it's worth, I am also continuing to work with Libertarian US House of Representatives candidate Brent Wangen through the Delaware Supreme Court to clarify the law for the future. Clearly it is too late for the party members in Delaware to select Brent or myself as their nominee, but with a little luck and the cooperation of the Delaware Supreme Court, that is an option that they will have next election cycle.

The Superior Court hearing for this case demonstrated the true character of the incumbent party organizations. The Democratic and Republican party leadership came together without hesitation to guarantee that their membership can only select their favored choices. The Republican Party did a phenomenal job of further emphasizing that true character in their constant slams on Christine O'Donnell. They could not find a way to manipulate the law into removing her from the ballot, but they were both capable and willing of going on record trashing one of their primary candidates, who is now their nominee. The voters of the Republican Party saw through the sham erected by their party leaders and chose the better candidate. I would have preferred for Jim Rash to have the honor of ending Mike Castle's political career, but at least someone did.

That hasn't ended the ire of the Republican Party. Even now, after Ms. O'Donnell has WON the primary and is the official nominee of the Republican Party. Mike Castle is still refusing to endorse her. Tom Ross, the Delaware Republican Party's state chair, has offered lukewarm support at best after previously saying that she "could not be elected dogcatcher". While Delaware does not elect its dogcatchers and Tom Ross may yet be proven right regarding Ms. O'Donnell's candidacy for the US Senate, she is the Republican nominee and the Republican party should support her or shut up. Anything else is not serving the will of the members who elected her as their nominee in the primary. Karl Rove and other national figures have also jumped on that bandwagon. The National Republican Senate Committee has made the maximum donation to her campaign and offered this lukewarm endorsement of her candidacy.

Finally, these topics and others were discussed on the new BlogTalkRadio show I am hosting. We've done two episodes so far and look forward to continue broadcasting each Monday at 6pm eastern time. I have other stuff to do so I may occasionally have to cancel an episode or reschedule, but this website or my Facebook page should carry updates when necessary.

I'm still attending political events, especially Libertarian Party events. If you want to meet me, ask me questions, or just berate me (hopefully you don't!) please come out and find me at these events, call into the show next week, call or email me directly...anything!

Thanks for reading!