Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paperwork. Discussions. Manuevering. Oh My!

So, getting nominated, that's step one.  There are actually quite a few things being considered in this campaign, not least of which is the impact that other nominated and endorsed candidates from yesterday's convention can have to assist in my own race.  There's also the question of the other candidates and potential candidates.  Then there's paperwork.  Lots of paperwork.  The timing of the state convention was selected this year because it falls within a narrow window between the presidential primary in April and the blackout for party registration changes leading up to the September state primary.  Many of our candidates, though nominated and endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Delaware, are considering primary strategies to have the greatest impact on their local races.

That means decisions need to be made, discussions need to be had, and forms need to be filled out.  Lots of forms.

What I REALLY need is a website that accepts contact information, donations, and event suggestions.  What I really need is a calendar and to begin reaching out to local community organizations.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of uncertainty and disarray in the Democratic and Republican parties due to the recent events involving the incumbent.  Who the candidates are or are likely to be is a fairly fluid situation and nothing is set in stone until all of the parties know whether or not they'll have ballot access, and whether or not additional candidates are likely to file in their primaries.

At least I got some signs out last night.  You may have noticed them if you're a local.  I know I can't keep them out for long, only for the 30 days following the school board elections that took place on May 8th, but it may generate some early interest and make a not-so-subtle announcement to the people who are paying attention that I am running in this race and I don't intend to sit quietly at home and serve as an LP "paper candidate".

Trying to figure these things out and divine, then execute a coherent election strategy has to take priority, for now.  In the meantime, please email me directly at if you'd like to help or ask a question.  Call me at 302.670.1971 if you want to talk or if there's an issue you think needs to be addressed.  Find me on Facebook, follow the Libertarian Party of Delaware, Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware, Ballot Access Delaware, and Delaware Independents' Day pages, and check back here often for updates on the campaign and the fight for liberty and open government in Delaware.

Yes, I will still gladly accept your money.


By the way, fundraising efforts are actually going better than the above app would indicate. Checks and cash don't involve transaction fees, and asking for money to buy a laser isn't exactly a strong selling point. More realistically, the Kent County Libertarian Party is trying to raise money to assist in the development of a marketing list of Kent County voters to assist in my campaign and the other campaigns covering Kent County. These synergies will be critical in breaking the hold of the two-party monopoly and restoring an honest government that does not tolerate interference from Washington in local affairs, or political interference in the market to support well connected, out of state companies.

Bottom line, I really, really, want your money. This is also going better than the app would indicate. Call me or email me if you want to send a check and save me transaction costs.


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