Monday, May 21, 2012

Robocalls and Literature Drops

Today I carpet bombed the 32nd District with a robocall introducing me to the voters.  I hate robocalls.  I usually hang up on them.  I don't blame you at all if you did too.  If you didn't, and you followed it to this website, and it is your intention to berate me and yell at me of calling you, I apologize in advance, and I promise you that I will only carpet bomb the district with robocalls again immediately preceding the general election in November to remind everyone to vote.  If you still feel the need to call and yell, 302.670.1971.  You can also email me at

It's also possible you came here today because you found a flyer in your door or because I handed you one personally.  Thank you for visiting!  I apologize for the condition of the website.  I was only nominated by the Libertarian Party of Delaware on Saturday and I've yet to revamp it as a campaign website instead of an LP blog.  Please check my last article for links to my Facebook pages, and check back here often for updates.

I will, as always, gladly take your money.


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