Monday, May 28, 2012

Honor the Troops, Question the Cause

Free men are obligated to exercise their freedom. Part of that exercise is questioning the judgement of the people who have been sending our men and women in uniform off to die. It is right and just that we should call them heroes for their actions defending civilians, protecting each other, and being willing to die to protect our freedoms. It is also important that we who have elected the politicians responsible for their well being are careful not to let our honor for these brave men and women be abused and exploited by those politicians.

War may create heroes, but war itself is not heroic. The wars in which we are presently engaged, especially, are not heroic. If we are to honor those who are truly heroes, if we are to honor Memorial Day then that must be acknowledged. Our political class intentionally blurs the distinction. They purposely conflate the heroism of our troops with the perverse causes in which they engage them.

Especially on Memorial Day, if we are true patriots, we MUST not accept that. We must call such politicians to account. We must honor our service men and women by taking greater care in selecting the causes our politicians sacrifice them to.

I am comfortable calling our troops heroes. I am even more comfortable calling the politicians who send them to their deaths, without a proper constitutional declaration of war, cretins, criminals, traitors, and murderers. Our troops deserve better.

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