Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Response to Delaware Liberal

There's an excellent article on Delaware Liberal today about the activities of the General Assembly.  I had attempted to leave a comment, but it seems it is being moderated for some reason, so I'll just paraphrase it here in the meantime.
I agree with El Somnambulo on dumping Booth and DeLuca. I met Bryan Townsend at a Common Cause presentation on campaign financing in a Citizens' United world and he seems like a great guy. We can all rest assured that Evan Queitsch has even less chance of being elected than I do, especially if Townsend manages to beat DeLuca in the primary, but my question is about Joe Booth.

There's no Democrat opposing him and his only primary opposition is frequently referred to on Delaware Liberal as "St. Bodie Girl". Do the Democrats have anyone waiting in the wings for the 19th SD? I'd love to put someone on the LP's ballot to pick up the pieces of a Booth/Bodie fight, but frankly, we can't win by ourselves and the only candidate we might have had was redistricted out. From my conversations with another prominent Bodie opponent, he's yet to find anyone willing to pony up the D filing fee. Hasn't been able to find someone to run on the L either, even though it's free. We'd be willing to nominate just about anyone. We'd prefer them to be able to pronounce the word "libertarian" but we'll teach them how to spell it.

Great insight on the bail bondsman bill. Reduce competition, protect a political rival, stinks to high heaven.

If I'm elected, fwiw, I can EASILY live on $43,605 and fully intend to serve as a full time legislator devoted to constituent service for the 7 months these clowns spend double dipping when they're not writing crappy legislation for teh lulz.

Surprised they didn't mention SB100 though. The bill is probably just posturing, but their rage faces would have made for an hour or two of quality entertainment.

Overall, great article. o7
Read it for yourself here.  I also agree 100% with El Somnambulo on the uselessness of the redistricting reform legislation being run by Senate Majority Leader Patti Blevins.  I made similar comments here.

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