Saturday, June 2, 2012

CALL TO ACTION: Kent County GOP Executive Committee

I got an email this morning from Hans Reigle, the Kent County Chair for the DEGOP:
Dear Will and Ellis,

The Kent County Executive Committee is considering endorsing a candidate for 32nd RD State Representative. As a minimum, we would like to get to know both candidates better.

We would like you both to attend our Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 6th at 6:00 p.m. It will be held at the KCRC Headquarters on Walker Road. We would like to have a question and answer session for about ten minutes each to determine who best will represent the Republican party and win this critical election. For the interviews, only members of the Kent County Republican Executive Committee will be present.

Thank you for your time.


Hans Reigle
Kent County Republican Committee
Now, I think it is INCREDIBLY inappropriate for the Executive Committee of the county party to be trying to influence the result of the primary election responsible for choosing the eventual nominee of the party.  I hope that my friends, whether they live in the 32nd Representative District or not, will contact their local Republican Party leadership and let them know that they are opposed to the Executive Committee making endorsements on June 6th, one week before the entire region meets, a week and a day before the 32nd RD meets, and over three months before the primary itself.

That's the reasonable, measured, sensible argument.  The rough, blunt, confrontational argument is that if the KCGOP declares war on me by endorsing my opponent, I'm not out of moves.  I still have a lot of cards to play.  Don't endorse me, I won't drop out, I won't play nice, I'll fund additional primary challenges to broaden the theater of war, and I will be 100% open about the reason why.  I just posted it on the internets.  I'm running to represent a NATIONAL movement, I'm 27 years old, and I am NEVER going away.  My opponent, on the other hand, is running to represent the Republican Party, and if you endorse me or at least refuse to endorse him, he might drop out and you'll save yourselves a primary candidate running around campaigning in your own party against all of your nominees.  From the president on down.  Wouldn't you rather I spend my time doing that to the Democratic Party?

Of course, there are good reasons to support me, not just the brute force politics of my ability to broaden the fight beyond the 32nd District and my willingness to run against the party as I do so.  My dad wrote some of them down.  They're good.  You should read them.

It occurs to me I haven't asked anyone for money in my recent articles.  There's a whole donate button on the upper right of the site.  You should click it.  Or here.  You can also help me out on that laser.


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