Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The Democratic and Republican parties do not support an open political dialogue. They do not support a free exchange of ideas. They do not support offering the members of their party a choice in who they will nominate for political office.

While I was at work today, the State Department of Elections website was updated, removing Brent Wangen and myself from the primaries we had filed and paid for. Celia Cohen is indicating that the cause was a legal opinion issued by the attorney general in 1994 that a candidate not "involved" with the party they file with can be disqualified from the primary ballot. I have attended Republican meetings, been turned away from Democratic meetings due to my party registration, and been registered as both a Democrat and a Republican in the past. But none of that matters.

The opinion is not supported by the Delaware Code governing elections. Ms. Cohen even mentions a court decision allowing a candidate uninvolved in the party's activities to compete for its nomination. I am not a lawyer, but I have read the law. I believe that I have followed the proper procedures and met the appropriate qualifications to be listed on the Democratic and Republican primary ballots. I believe that the Democratic and Republican voters of the 32nd District should have more choices than those presented to them by the entrenched political interests of a two party system.

I am exploring every option to ensure that the 32nd District is presented the choices it is entitled to under the duly enacted laws of the State of Delaware. I will appreciate any support you can offer and gladly answer any questions on this or any other subject.


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  1. I didn't realize the names were REMOVED, Will. I've had enough.... As you said it best, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

  2. Here is the relevant section of law: