Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monopoly Wins.

I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of this hearing, but the judge has made his ruling and I do not believe I have the resources to appeal this decision or continue this fight. Too much time, money, and energy have already been spent fighting this election campaign in the courts rather than in the 32nd District. We will at the very least look into the process of appealing this decision. Despite the fact that the fundamental right of party members to nominate who they choose has been denied, I hope that members of all parties will follow my candidacy and consider voting for me and other Libertarians, like Brent Wangen, Matt Flebbe, Scott Gesty, and all of the principled candidates we have nominated for this November. This campaign is far from over and I am still the Libertarian Party’s nominee. I look forward to continuing that campaign on behalf of the sovereignty of the State of Delaware and its citizens. This matter has been very educational for me and has elevated a few new issues as priorities for my campaign.

I have been forced to spend $600 of my limited funds in a futile attempt to simply enforce the law as it is written. These funds were spent just because the law is so muddled and unclear that it is impossible for a layman to discover the appropriate remedy when his rights are violated without the assistance of a highly trained attorney. I will fight to ensure that all laws passed by the Delaware General Assembly are plainly written and impossible to twist to the benefit of special interests that may have an undue influence on the agencies charged with interpreting and enforcing them. I will also fight to ensure that any citizen of Delaware whose rights are compromised have a plain, simple, and affordable remedy available to them.

There has been a great deal of speculation that following this incident, the next General Assembly will move quickly to pass legislation clearly preventing fusion candidacies. I believe that not only did our case rest on solid legal grounds, but also on the fundamental right of the membership of any party to nominate a candidate they support regardless of that candidate’s party affiliation. To force the members of a party to nominate another member of that party forces them to choose from a more limited range of options when some other candidate may have more support within the local community. If I am elected, I will be a strong and steady voice in support of this fundamental right of all members of all parties and in support of clearly permitting fusion candidacies.

Finally, this experience has reaffirmed my commitment to breaking down the monopoly of power maintained by the Democratic and Republican Parties. It is clear from these events that despite their highly theatrical disagreements over how to divide the spoils of big government, they are fundamentally agreed that government should be large and should exclude the average citizens that that government is intended to represent with their consent. If I am elected, I will not only prove that their time has passed, but I will fight to improve upon that progress by further dismantling the laws and policies which protect their monopoly.

I would also like to make perfectly clear that I have no reason to believe that either of my opponents were involved in this despicable exercise to deny the voters of the 32nd District their legitimate choice. One of my opponents even contacted me to wish me luck in my hearing. It is the two-party establishment that is solely responsible for this travesty of justice. I look forward to continuing my campaign in the 32nd District instead of in the courts, based on the issues facing the state instead of the Machiavellian machinations of the major party establishments.

Thank you.

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