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Please email me, call me, or find me on Facebook if you have any questions, comments, or issues that you think I am neglecting.  I don't pretend to know everything, all I will promise you is that my perspective will be biased towards reducing government interference in our lives and promoting freedom and prosperity in our communities.


  1. How exciting...I get to post the first comment. No real issues for me other than the right to life, over spending, gay marriage and people spending money we don't have. Who did I vote for in the Primary??? Rick Santorum. I voted my morals. I don't consider it a wasted vote. 6.5% of Delaware voted for a man who had dropped out. I turned 18 in 1973, voted (Nixon) and have never missed a primary or general election since then. It's my duty and I take it seriously. I think the people who represent me and my family should be a bit above reproach. Not perfect but have an image that I don't have to hide from children. If you have a DUI and get help, great. It teaches us all that you're human, erred and you're fixing it. Don't do it again or you don't deserve the spotlight. Finally I received your phone call today. I listened to the entire message, short and to the point. No begging for money (which I don't have-sorry) The ending was great. "Paid for by me".

    1. Glad you enjoyed the call. I too am particularly focused on the issue of overspending, both at the state and federal level. Please don't miss the primary election on September 11th for state level offices, and try to come out to the KCGOP meeting on June 13th if you can make it. Thanks for your comment!


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