I'm a 35 year old software engineer working on a federal contract for American Systems to develop a child care website for military families.  I have a young daughter named Julia and two dogs named Dea and River.  I'm involved with the local community theater and the Libertarian Party of Delaware.  I graduated from CRHS in 2003 and the University of Delaware in 2007 with degrees in Computer Science and Psychology and a minor in Political Science.  I have worked in a number of other programming jobs in Northern Virginia and Canada, but Delaware has been my home since my father was transferred here by the Air Force in 1999.

I'm running for State Representative in the 34th District in order to advocate for fiscal discipline in public spending, to protect freedom of choice for Delaware residents, and promote openness and transparency in state government.

Delaware has a strong culture of volunteerism and its people have charitable hearts.  I believe that the most effective way to build and develop our communities is to allow our people to have the freedom to do it themselves.  These are hard economic times for many of our families, and for state government to impose more costs, fees, fines, and taxes on those of us who can least afford it to give lucrative contracts and grants to the wealthy and well connected only serves to entrench a stagnant and overbearing way of doing things and limit the choices of everyone else.

Instead of limiting choices, choices in Delaware need to be expanded.  It is the 21st century and the one constant has been change.  Change in families, change in the workplace, change in society as a whole.  It is not for politicians to tell us how to live, but for all of us to find solutions that work for ourselves and those we love.  Government should not hinder those choices but facilitate them in ways that are fair and transparent.

Politics in our small state is often characterized as "The Delaware Way".  That is usually meant to refer to the cordial and collaborative ways that politicians work together to try and solve the problems we face, but there is also a darker side to it.  To quote George Carlin, there are ways in which politics in Delaware is "a big club, and you ain't in it."  Just as everything else is changing around us, the way we express ourselves politically is changing as well.  Delaware should not be a place where entrenched interests can build ever higher walls to protect their wealth and power from a healthy and dynamic environment, but instead a place where new ways of thinking and acting are welcomed, innovation is encouraged, and everyone has access to the tools necessary for success.

I look forward to working toward a freer, more prosperous, and more open Delaware.  Join me.

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