Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've been running all over Dover today trying to figure out why I was taken off of the ballot and how I can get the State of Delaware to follow its own laws rather than the whims of the Democratic and Republican parties.

It seems that the Democratic and Republican parties colluded to remove me from the ballot by threatening to take the Department of Elections to court if they did not. Why they only have to threaten the State when I must in fact spend the $380 filing fee and actually take the State to court, I don't know. Nevertheless, the paperwork has been filed, the exorbitant fee has been paid, and the hearing is scheduled for Monday, the 19th of July at 2:00pm. According to Deputy Attorney General Anne Woolfolk, attorney for the Department of Elections, the Democratic and Republican parties are likely to present a case also.

This is shaping up to be me, without a lawyer because the court costs were expensive enough, arguing that the State of Delaware should follow its own laws with the State Attorney General's Office and however many lawyers the Ds and Rs decide to send after me...I guess we'll see if the law runs Delaware or if the D/R duopoly does.

Please come to the courthouse if you can to show your support or just to enjoy the spectacle!

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