Thursday, January 23, 2020

Give Me Money

I plan to run again.  I am still deciding on my strategy for doing so.
In the event I choose to run in a major party, the filing fees for State Representative have been established by the party committees at $945 for both parties.
These funds go directly to the county party organizations. In the event of a primary with a "REAL" Democrat or Republican, they will undoubtedly be used to assist in the effort to defeat me. These funds do not defray the cost of running the primary. Those costs are borne entirely by the State.
This is a clear advantage to running as a Libertarian. The Libertarian Party of Delaware does not charge its candidates to become their nominee. Obviously, running as a Libertarian would also confer the advantage of accurately reflecting my partisan allegiances, but at the cost of the legitimacy conferred on major party candidates for being more "electable".
I will be contributing my own funds to any campaign I run, but before committing to funding my own destruction in a major party primary, I would like to gauge the level of real support I can expect. While I am grateful for the words of encouragement I have gotten on my last post, real support means votes from those in my district, and funds from anyone and everyone legally permitted to contribute.
Whether I go the major party route or not, any contributions will be accounted for in the Delaware CFRS system, and will be utilized either for my campaign or to support other Delaware libertarians and libertarian causes in Delaware.
Thank you in advance for your help.