Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HB11: The End of Fusion?

I was at Legislative Hall today watching the House session. HB11 was introduced, sponsored by Rep. Jaques. This bill will prohibit fusion candidacies by preventing any political party from nominating any candidate not registered with that party. This means the Libertarian Party can't nominate a Republican, and Independent, an Unaffiliated candidate, or anyone else not registered as a Libertarian. The same goes for the Independent Party, the Working Families Party, The Blue Enigma Party, and the incumbent parties.

This bill would entrench partisan divisions by forcing parties to select nominees from their own membership. This leads to groupthink and increasing isolation from anyone who doesn't "think right". This is a bad, bad bill.

State Legislature, HB11

This bill is on the House Administration Committee Agenda for tomorrow at 2:30pm.

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