Friday, November 5, 2010

The Future.

A more detailed discussion of this year's election result will be forthcoming, but a lot of the immediate focus will move, for obvious reasons, to the Kent County Libertarian Party rather than the 32nd District Election itself. Since I live in the 32nd, I'm sure the county party's development will focus here and in the immediately surrounding area, but most of the updates I write for the time being will be posted on the Kent County Libertarian Party Forums. It is an open forum, encourages discussion of all kinds, and is open to anyone. Please look around, register, post, whatever.

Definitely read A Vision for the Kent County Libertarian Party with some of my more general and immediate thoughts on the future. Also follow the Kent County Libertarian Party Facebook page, the party's events, and attend our next meeting/fundraiser.

Thanks for all of your support and assistance...and votes.

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