Monday, March 8, 2010

Nominated at Libertarian Convention

I attended the Libertarian Party of Delaware Convention on Saturday where I was nominated by the party to stand for election to the 32nd District Representative seat. I've spent the past day or so trying to get Facebook, Twitter, and set up so that I can try to make use of as much social media as possible. This blog and this first entry is another step in that direction. I'll also be setting up a website, YouTube channel, and anything else I can think of over the next couple of weeks.

At this point in my campaign, the most valuable thing to me is suggestions. I've never run for office before and have NO idea what I'm doing in this campaign. I plan to do a lot of walking through the various neighborhoods within the district to introduce myself to the voters, but any help I can get finding larger groups to meet with, getting interviews or questionnaires from the media, or learning more about the issues important to voters in the 32nd District will be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking at a campaign staff of my family, some of their friends and some of my friends. We hardly count as experienced political operatives, so I also need volunteers to help out with the campaign generally or to help me figure out how fund-raising and campaign committees work so I don't get arrested for accepting donations the wrong way or fund the whole thing out of my somewhat limited pockets.

Anyway, I'm grateful to the Libertarian Party for giving me this opportunity, looking forward to the campaign, and hope to at least force the other candidates to speak to libertarian principles. Please feel free to comment if you have any ideas or want to help out!

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