Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy Doing ... Stuff ...

Even though it's only been a day since my first post, I feel like I've gotten a lot done and I'm getting really excited to get into this. I'm spending LOTS of time on the Delaware Department of Elections web site and the site for Kent County. I've already learned a lot about election finance law, voter registration patterns, voting patterns, election district layouts, and thanks to another cool site called Follow The Money I've been able to get lists of most of the donors to the Democratic and Republican candidates from last cycle.

Libertarians don't fit the convention of "Right / Left" and are actually better understood as sitting at the top of the "Liberty Dial". This YouTube video from Focus On Liberty explains that well.

What this means in practical terms is that I am confident I can attract donors and voters from both parties. I spent some time copying the maps I found of the election districts within the 32nd Representative District into the Google Map at the top of the page. Combining this map with the information I found about voter registrations, voter turnout in the elections of 2008, and the information available about registered voters in the district, I should be able to get a good feeling for where I should go and who I should try to talk to in order to build the Libertarian Party in Kent County and promote my campaign.

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