Friday, August 17, 2012

What's the Excuse Now?

A little over a week ago, I resigned my position as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware in order to satisfy the demands of my primary opponent, who had been refusing the people of the 32nd District a debate because I held that position.  Since then, I have received no response from my opponent other than a brief note from his campaign manager letting me know that my opponent probably would not be comfortable with an online debate.

First of all, I think an online debate offers the voters of the district the best information.  Rather than needing to find time in their busy schedules to come out to an event on a single night and hope they get an opportunity to ask a question or that their question might be asked, they could ask all the questions and follow ups they wanted from the comfort of their own homes, at their convenience.  Rather than needing to record a public event and then distribute it to anyone interested, it would be an ongoing public event that could be joined by anyone at any time.  I think that's the kind of discussion our district, our state, and our country need at this point in our history.

Beyond that, having refused the people of the 32nd district the debate they should have, I have still gotten no response regarding having a debate at all.  I know the Kent County Young Republicans have offered a venue for the more limited event.  We could arrange for a BlogTalkRadio call in event.  I would even be willing to let the GOP official who recruited my opponent into the race, Kent County GOP Chair Hans Reigle, moderate a debate.  My opponent can set up the most unfair, biased, and hostile debate venue he can imagine for me, and I will be there.

First, he needs his surrogates to stop comparing an intellectual discussion of the grave issues facing our state between two people who seek to represent the 32nd district to an arm wrestling match and agree to participate in this process.  It's a lot easier to run around the district slinging mud and mischaracterizing my positions than it is to actually stand up to me in person and discuss these issues like statesmen, but I think the district, the state, and the Republican Party deserve better.

Please let Mr. Parrot know if you agree.


  1. So arm wrestling is the same as debating....good to know

  2. Fools!
    You would destroy that man at arm wrestling.

  3. Not sure a 28 year old acting like a 16 year old can have an intellectual discussion!!!

    Besides which, only your little, no job, live in a fantasy world of movies and escapism audience/gnomes would be online to read it.

    However, if you think you can beat a man twice your size and an ex-cop at arm all means, set it up.

    First though, you and your deadbeat followers will need to come out of your parents basements and turn off the DVD player and computers (maybe put some sun block on if is is daylight)

  4. Alright, anonymous water carriers for the win.

  5. Pfffft I don't live in my mom's basement I live in my sisters attic....don't label me