Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jesse McVay for Register of Wills

My dad, Jesse McVay, filed today in the Register of Wills election.

Register of Wills is an office the major parties typically reserve for loyal, yet unpolished candidates. There will be no great controversy over the policies of the Register of Wills. No one will show up to the polls due to their strong convictions about who should serve in this important office.

It's not a glamorous job. The official duties of the Register of Wills Office are to accept and process estate paperwork during probate. It is a largely technocratic role, handled by a very professional staff. This makes the Registrar's job a largely managerial role, ensuring that the process is conducted properly and that staffers are accountable and responsive to their customers, the estate attorneys, their clients, and the general public.

My dad is not a party functionary being tossed a bone. He is a serious individual with a very methodical and detail oriented mind. He has an even temperament and an infinite capacity to listen. He has a strong and independent tenacity, but an open mind willing to learn.

He has not chosen to undertake this contest in order to promote his party or gain favor with its high minded dignitaries. He has chosen to undertake this contest in order to raise the important questions about the political nature of the office. Would a Democratic Registrar process estate paperwork differently from a Republican? From an Independent, Libertarian, or Green Party member?

I can tell you how my dad will process estate paperwork. He will do so carefully, efficiently, and cost-effectively. He will work with the Levy Court commissioners when possible to reduce waste, improve procedures, and more responsively interact with the public. These are the goals of any good manager, and they are goals my father will work tirelessly to achieve if you elect Jesse McVay as the Kent County Register of Wills in 2012.


  1. I wish I could vote for him, but I'm not in the area. He should come on my show.

  2. He is the best man for the job!!

  3. Sounds like a Good man for the job. I wish him well.