Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pennwood Outreach and the 9-12 Delaware Patriots

I spent most of yesterday afternoon canvassing the Pennwood development off of State St., inviting residents to join the Kent County Libertarian Party at Uno's for the June monthly meeting and fundraiser. I probably picked the wrong time of the day to go out on a weekday. I assume that a lot of people were still at work, while it was my last day off following the Libertarian National Convention in St. Louis. Those who were home were mostly welcoming and glad to receive the invitation, though I'm sure more than a few were apprehensive about opening the door to a strange, young, male. Even though I got a lot of help from my campaign treasurer, aka my mom, I didn't manage to cover the entire neighborhood before I had to call it quits and get ready for the 9-12 Delaware Patriots Kent County meeting. I'll be going back to hit up the houses I missed and the ones where no one answered this weekend to make sure that everyone knows about our meeting. Hopefully over the course of the next few months I'll be able to recruit more volunteers so that as I canvas other neighborhoods it will take less time. This is a wonderful example of the Haitian proverb that "Many hands lighten the load." (Contact me or post to the comments if you're willing to help out!)

The 9-12 Delaware Patriots meeting was a wonderful experience and I certainly look forward to the next one. The Republican candidate for the At-Large seat on the Kent County Levy Court did not especially impress me with his libertarian credentials, any unique ideas for improving the coordination between county, city, and state governments, or for reducing the size and cost of all three, so I will be trying extra hard over the next couple weeks to recruit a Libertarian candidate to run against him. There's no reason we should give the Ds and Rs a free ride if we don't have to.

Michelle Rollins, candidate for the Republican nomination to the House of Representatives, also made an appearance. She played very well to her audience when questioned about health care, but dodged a question about unconstitutional Federal agencies and stepped in it a bit when asked about immigration. Her comments demonstrated a lack of appreciation for the sentiments of her audience and a lack of familiarity with Article I, Section 8.15 of the Constitution which provides the authority for Congress to call out the militia to enforce the laws of the Union and repel invasions, nor with Article I, Section 8.4, which empowers them to set uniform rules of naturalization. Immigration is an important part of the American economy, demography, and history, but this is one of the few areas where the Federal Government may legitimately exercise its authority by enforcing legal standards but is neglecting to do so. The immigration question is, of course, much more complicated than simply sending everyone home, as the welfare benefits and warped employment laws encouraging them to return and Americans to stay on unemployment will create an endless cycle of migration and deportation, but that discussion is for another time.

I was privileged to be able to announce the Kent County Libertarian Party meeting to the group and had a very productive discussion with a number of the attendees regarding the Libertarian Party and our candidates in the November election. It was definitely a rewarding experience overall and I look forward to the next meeting on the 16th of June. For more information, check out their website at:


  1. Your district is hugh area wise. How many registared voters did you tell me you had?


  2. There are 12,043 voters in the 32nd District according to my copy of the voter registration database.

    3388 Republicans,
    5558 Democrats,
    3097 Other.

    Most of them are concentrated in the election districts surrounding downtown Dover.

    Check the forums...I think I spooked my Republican opponent... :D