Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Strategy for LIBERTY

Let's think strategically here on behalf of LIBERTY for a moment, regardless of the needs and desires of one man or even one faction of a VERY broad movement.

What better serves the immediate cause of liberty in a media environment dominated by the "Commission on Presidential Debates" at this point? They will look at the average polling results over 5 different polling organizations between Labor Day and the first debate on October 3rd.

When these polling organizations call over the next few months, and ask you if you are going to be voting for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, you will have a choice. You can:

a) Get mad that they did not include Ron Paul and hang up.
a) Get mad that they did not include Ron Paul and yell at the automated system, press a whole bunch of buttons that don't actually make sense, feel incredibly gratified (believe me, I know), then hang up.
a) Get mad that they did not include Ron Paul and yell at the poor phone operator who either doesn't live in this country anyway or for some other reason doesn't know or care about politics, start to feel a little guilty when you realize there is absolutely nothing on the "script" for dealing with you, apologize, then hang up.
b) Be satisfied if they DID include Gary Johnson, VOTE FOR HIM IN AN OTHERWISE MEANINGLESS OPINION POLL, and help him get his 15% in OPINION POLLS for access to the debate stage, so a LIBERTARIAN, even someone you consider an imperfect one, can GET ON STAGE and bring the fight to Obama and Romney on a national platform.

Whatever you opt to do in November, whether it is to throw away your vote by writing in a candidate without an electoral college slate, or laugh gleefully at all the naysayers who said Ron Paul couldn't get the GOP nomination as you vote for him on their ballot, you WANT Gary in those debates. You NEED Gary in those debates. If Ron Paul is standing next to him, they will gang up on Obama and beat that poor statist to an intellectual pulp. If Mitt Romney is standing next to him, America will see before it the undeniable similarities between tweedle dum and tweedle dee when Liberty is in the house.

Vote as you must, but tell Gallup, Rasmussen, Zogby, Pew and CNN that you want Gary. Better yet, call them now and ask them ahead of time if they plan to include him in their polling. ASK them. ASK for someone to call you back with an answer. Put the onus on them to explain themselves. While you're at it, ask them if they plan to include Green Party candidate Jill Stein (hopefully) and Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode. If you really want to see the D/R monopoly on full display, demand a real debate with all of the candidates.

You're gaming the GOP's national delegate selection process now, and I applaud you for it. Let's game the Commission on Presidential Debates and get Liberty a voice on national TV.

Gallup: 202.715.3030
Rasmussen: 732.776.9777
Pew Research: 202.419.4300
Zogby: 305.529.6280
CNN: 404.827.1500

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  1. So, if we can get support for Gary Johnson up to 15% then he will be included in the national debates?

    Is this the only way to get him in national debates?