Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open Letter to State Legislators about HB11

Dear State Legislators,

We could have been such good friends. We could have had a beautiful future together. I was done running quixotic election campaigns with some desperate Libertarian. I was done pretending we were going to win anything and then bragging about carrying away more than 6% of the vote. The Kent County Libertarian Party was going to be in the fusion business. We were going to be giving them away left and right to any legislator or candidate who would deign to listen to us.

Maybe we'd be your margin of victory. Maybe we'd be your safety net if your party abandoned you and came at you with everything in the primary. Maybe we'd help you get the "Independent Seal of Approval" and burnish your credentials as a reasonable person that listens to all sides of the argument instead of only listening to your party. Maybe we'd fuse with a primary candidate in the other party and just make such a mess over there as to protect you and your base. The possibilities were endless.

HB11 puts all that at risk. Not only will it make me very sad and motivate me to find Libertarians, Republicans, or Democrats SOMEWHERE to harass anyone who votes in favor of it, but it will legally prohibit me from offering the benefits of fusion to those who vote against it. Trust me, I'll still find a way to make a mess. That's what I do. You just won't be able to benefit from it as much.

Alternative Parties don't get off on standing outside the system throwing rocks. I'd really like to us work with the state legislature and other elected officials to promote less government, accountable government, and cheaper government instead of always working against them. I work very closely with the Independent Party of Delaware and we've agreed to collaborate on the 2012 election...I know they like it when parties can work together too. I could put in a good word for you. Why don't we all just Vote "NO" on HB11, forget this ever happened, and think about our future together. It will all be okay.

Will McVay
Kent County Chair,
Libertarian Party of Delaware.

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