Saturday, October 23, 2010

Politics of Fear.

I am a Libertarian. We don't have a huge organization in the state of Delaware. We have no incumbent politicians. The party has less than $2000 to its name.

All we have, is justice and liberty.

These aren't popular concepts with the two-party monopoly. They have money. Lots of it. They've paid off bloggers, radio hosts, and teenagers on Facebook to spread their message and try to convince people they've "changed". Seems to me like they're still buying people off. Seems to me like they're still holding their agendas before the Constitution and before the rights and freedoms of the people they claim to serve.

The most egregious thing they are doing this election cycle, is silencing dissent. I can't tell you how many people I've spoken with or that my campaign has spoken with who support me but admit that they can't say so publicly. Some of them are even getting into "trouble" with the two-party establishment for mentioning me.

This is shameful.

The only option remaining is for the people of the 32nd District to rise up and declare that they will not be told who to vote for. They will not be silenced. They will demand their freedoms and set an example for the rest of Delaware and the rest of the United States.

I hope they will exercise that option. Please, don't feed the animals.

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