Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates...

I may have been removed from the D/R primary ballots, but I am STILL ON THE GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT. The incumbent parties may want to deny their members a choice with respect to who they nominate, but they cannot deny the voters of Delaware a choice for the US House of Representative, or the 32nd District a choice for who will represent them in the State House of Representatives. I encourage all Delaware voters to vote for alternative party candidates and send BOTH incumbent parties a message.

In the meantime, Brent Wangen and I are continuing to fight for the rights of all parties and their members. We have filed a notice of appeal with the Delaware Supreme Court, contesting the Superior Court ruling that a candidate may only have "One Party". We recognize that a voter may only belong to one party, but we believe that one voter should be free to nominate a candidate from any party as long as they follow the statutory process for selecting that nominee, whether it be a convention or a primary.

To force this issue, I have sought and received the nominations of both the Independent Party of Delaware and the Constitution Party of Delaware. Unfortunately, the Constitution Party is still short of the required number of registered members to appear on the ballot, but I dared the State of Delaware to tell either of these proud parties who they could or could not nominate, and they seem to have backed down because I am currently listed as both the Independent and Libertarian candidate for the 32nd District race.

I'd ask why it's OK for the IPoD and not for the D/R monopoly, but I already know the answer.

Keep attending political events around Delaware, and you're sure to spot me. Keep checking this website, because I'm already planning another update which I hope I will get posted before the weekend. Thanks!


  1. "coordination without consolidation" that is all Delaware schools need not expanded powers to the few.

  2. WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- When asked what's wrong with letting local school districts decide how best to spend federal education dollars, President Clinton replied, "because it's not their money"