Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Real Change in Congress

Reposted from Brent Wangen's Blog.

Let us not forget that those of us that are upset with the current state of the United States have two parties to blame. Flipping the switch to a burnt out light bulb does nothing to illuminate a dark room. We must change the bulb! Our current bulb was extinguished almost one hundred and fifty years ago, and our nation has been kept in the dark by a failed two party system. Time to put in a new bulb; it is time for a return to the principles that illuminated this great nation at its birth. Limited Federal Government operating within the confines of the Constitution is the answer to today’s problems.

Our legislative branch was set up with two houses, the House of Representatives (the voice of the people “to” the Federal Government) and the Senate (the voice of the States “to” the Federal Government). In 1913 the States voice was removed by the 17th amendment to the Constitution, and States have lost their voice to protect States rights. The Senate has the power to do two very important things; confirmations of Supreme Court Justices and cabinet officials, and ratifying treaties. Ask yourself this question; why were these powers given to the Senate? Answer: As representatives for the States they would ensure that States rights were adhered to and that the Federal Government would not overstep its boundaries set by the 9th and 10 amendments. Alas today we have Representatives and Senators that no longer believe they are representatives “to” the Federal Government but “of” the Federal Government.

I urge you to seek out ‘NEW’ blood, people not tainted by party politics, people that understand the Constitution and want to follow it. Do not follow the parties that push for “Elite” or “Insiders” as their parties’ candidates. Delaware has, throughout history, been a first in many ways. Delaware was the first to declare independence from England, and the first state to ratify the Constitution for the United States. Now in 2010 Delaware has a chance to be the first once again by electing a third party candidate and sending a message to the rest of the U.S., that message: the Constitution is the Solution!

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