Friday, May 7, 2010

Facebook Politics

Facebook offers a unique method for marketing a political message to a broad audience. Unlike traditional marketing on TV, radio, and newspapers, Facebook marketing relies heavily on the community itself to spread the message.

A Facebook marketing campaign begins with a Facebook Page. My political campaign has a campaign page which can be accessed at The page allows for the community to post to a common message board. The posts will also be displayed on the news feed of every user who "Likes" the page. Finding new Facebook users to "Like" the page will broaden exposure to the campaign's message. For all the time that I have spent suggesting the page to my friends, for each user to suggest the page to their own friends would have an exponential benefit. Please, suggest the campaign page to your friends to grow the 32nd District Libertarian community!

You may suggest the campaign page to your friends, but they won't necessarily like the page themselves. Another way to expose your friends to the information from the campaign page is to "Share" the campaign page's posts. When you click the "Share" link on a post from the campaign page, the post will be reposted to your own profile with your own comments.

Similar to "Share" is an option available only for events, "Invite Guests". This is useful for the same reason the "Share" link is useful. Some of your friends may not take your suggestion to "Like" the page and receive their own updates, but if you "Invite" them, they will still find out about events and have an opportunity to RSVP. Please share posts from the campaign page and invite your friends to campaign events!

The difference between "Recent News" and "Top Rated News" is the "Like" link. The more users "Like" and comment on a post, the higher that post will appear on the "Top Rated News" screen. Items on the "Top Rated News" will be seen by less active Facebook users who don't spend as much time catching up on all of their favorite pages and profiles. "Like" posts from the campaign and leave your own comments on the discussion. Push our conversation to the "Top Rated News"!

The easiest way to help out with a political campaign is to follow these simple steps of Facebook Politics. Including your own network of friends, sharing, inviting, liking, and commenting will help turn a simple Facebook campaign into a viral movement to win an election. I need your help!

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