Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Internet Politics

I launched a Facebook page and in a day have picked up 38 fans so far. I don't know how that rates but I'm pretty happy with it. It's more votes than Bob Barr (Libertarian candidate for president in '08) got in the 32nd Representative District. Granted not all of the "fans" of the Facebook page are eligible to vote in the district I'm running in, but it's an important party and network building function. Incidentally, there are no laws about donating to a campaign that you aren't allowed to vote in...(hint).

Not only can people outside the district vote in their own elections, but they may also know other people in the district. At this point in the campaign, I need all the support I can find from wherever I can find it just to make inroads to the neighborhoods who will need to vote for me if I'm to stand a chance. My first move in the campaign ground game will be to take a drive around the district to see where everyone lives and get a feel for the parts I don't already know.

Once I've gotten a feel for the various neighborhoods in the district, I'll be looking to the people who are fans of the Facebook page, and the various other people NOT on the internet who have offered to help me already, to help me out in each of those neighborhoods. Everyone has friends that don't know each other. I need to meet all of yours so I can ask them to vote for me...and then I need them to introduce me to their friends...and their friends...

There are 12,000 voters in the 32nd district according to the latest report from the Dept. of Elections. I'd like to shake 12,000 peoples' hands and tell them, "I'm Will McVay, and I'd like you to take a chance on a Libertarian for the 32nd Representative District and vote for me." Libertarians can reach beyond the 5,500 democrats, beyond the 3,300 republicans, and beyond the 3,000 independents and I want to appeal to all of them.

Thanks again everyone who's already a fan of the Facebook page. Please, tell your friends...

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