Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Recognize This

The LNC is split up into regions, in addition to the four officers and five at-large members.  Delaware is in Region 5.  The Region 5 Representative, Susan Hogarth, has managed to call a special meeting of the LNC to deal with the Delaware situation.  Her preferred outcome is that the LNC recognize the removed Chair, Bill Hinds, as the active and current Chair of the LP affiliate in Delaware.

The LNC does not actually possess the authority under their own bylaws to do this.  They are specifically prohibited from interfering in a state affiliate's autonomy except as provided for in the bylaws, and the bylaws only provide for disaffiliation in the event of a violation of the Statement of Principles or a violation of the bylaws.  No such violations have taken place, so even a disaffiliation should be off the table.

Let's imagine the LNC violates its own rules though and either recognizes Bill as the Chair and invalidates everything that has taken place since 10/1 or disaffiliates the LPD as it exists now and reaffiliates the organization formerly known as the LPD of which Bill claims to still be the Chair.

Two things now happen.  First, the domain name gets pointed to a different mail server and the constructively disaffiliated LPD as it was constituted after 10/1 continues to operate using the existing resources.  The previously constituted LPD as it existed prior to 10/1 is the officially recognized affiliate with Bill as its Chair, but under no conceivably convincing argument are Brandi, Mary Pat, Joe, Jimmy, and myself not still on that State Board and we still outnumber Bill, Amy, Dave, and Dylan 5 to 4, with a quorum and a majority in our hands.

This means that we can block any State Board action by refusing to show up.  This means we can pass a motion scheduling the 2022 convention for early January at McGlynn's in Dover over the impotent objections of the opposition.  This means that when the 2/3 county chairs serving on the credentials committee refuse to credential anyone we don't like that a quorum of the State Board will approve that credentials report anyway.  This means that with previously published notifications already in hand, we can pass the same fucking amendments we already passed and then adjourn the convention to March 12th and merge the two parties again under our continued control.

It's just a lot more complicated and stupid but you won't stop us.

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